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We provide different level of support. Even on crm deployments, which are originally not made by us!

First Level Support

  • Basic “how-to” questions
  • User creation, deletion and modification
  • Security setup
  • Assigning users to specific groups
  • Administration and settings within the application

Second Level Support

  • The application of service packs for MS Dynamics CRM as per Microsoft releases
  • Advanced migration of data
  • Operational Errors
    • Standard error message
    • Feature malfunction
    • Data correction

Third level support

  • Customizations to the existing modules
    • Process and configuration changes
    • Definition of new workflows
    • New report generation
    • Custom field addition
    • Integration with other applications/systems/services
  • Troubleshooting requiring deeper investigation after level 2 escalation


Training is critical to the success of an CRM implementation, thorough training and post-production support for the staff are directly tied to the acceptance and use of the new system and the realization of objectives by the organization.

We offer different kind of trainings:

Standard Microsoft MOC Course

MB2-868: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Applications
MB2-866: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration
MB2-876: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
MB2-867: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation and Deployment

These trainings can be used to prepare for the microsoft CRM certifications.


Individual workshops on themes you are interested in. For example „CRM Javascript development“ or „CRM .NET development“ – you define the scope!

Company onDemand trainings

Intended for companies that want to get the most out of their CRM . Custom Training provides users and managers with tailored services aligned to specific corporate goals, terminology, and business processes. Usually we work in an environment which simulates your production deployment.


Integration & Interfaces

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your other applications. If there is a product on the market,which provides the processes you need, we will be glad to use this for your integration. But if you want to connect your CRM system to other third-party components we will build the required interfaces and components.

Here are some ideas …

  • Portal integration
  • CTI Integration
  • Financial service integration
  • EMail Integration

Customization & Development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a as much a development platform as it is a CRM product – hence the xRM name or any type of Management, used often.

Microsoft CRM is intended to be user enhanced to fit your business processes.

Our Services

Planning & Analysis

In the analysis phase most of the business processes are identified and documented at a high level.  Goal of the analysis phase is to understand the customers business and processes performed. Modeling and documenting the customers business is important.

Every implementation of CRM begins with a Project Kickoff and Planning Meeting. A well planned and organized Project Kickoff and Planning Meeting sets the tone for a successful project.
The Project Kickoff and Planning Meeting is the official start to the implementation project, and is the first opportunity for our and the client project team to develop the plan for leading the implementation project to a successful completion. During the Project Planning Meeting, we begin to anticipate and plan for the resources that are going to be required in order to achieve a successful implementation.