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The calendar options of Microsoft CRM are very limited. Therefore I decided to write a xRM Calender Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It works in every environment (onPremise, online & hosted).

I just finished a first prototype and here is the result:

xRMCalendar for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

xRMCalendar for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

There is still some work to do (colors, show calendars of multiple users), but the basic work is done.

Features so far:

  • drag & drop
  • month, meek and day view
  • zoom in & zoom out in week & day view
  • doubleclick opens appointment in crm
  • supports normal appointments, all-days events and recurring appointments
  • tested on ie 10 & google chrome 30
  • highlight the current date
  • today button

Features planned:

  • show calender of different system users in one calendar
  • colors for categories
  • drag & drop event templates

If you are interested in using this plugin in your own environment contact me unto@soho.at.