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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Prevent a record from being saved

function My_PreventSaveFunction(eContext) {

This method is essential if you want to enable auto-save for most forms in an organization but disable it for specific forms. The following code registered for the onSave event with the execution context passed to it will prevent any saves that initiate from an auto-save but allow all others.

With auto-save enabled, navigating away is equivalent to Save and Close. This code will prevent any saves that are initiated by the 30 second timer or when people navigate away from a form with unsaved data.

function preventAutoSave(econtext) {
    var eventArgs = econtext.getEventArgs();
    if (eventArgs.getSaveMode() == 70 || eventArgs.getSaveMode() == 2) {

You can even check if  the save event has been canceled because the preventDefault method was used in this event hander or a previous event handler:


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