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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 OnPremise Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for on-premises deployment

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 licensing from the Microsoft Dynamics pricelist starting 1 January 2014.

  1.  Essential Light-weight access to custom applications
  • Read and write custom application data
  • Activity management, activity feeds
  • Access using Dynamics CRM desktop apps and mobile apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential User CAL: € 106,00
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential Device CAL: € 106,00

  1.  Basic Basic CRM, reporting, and custom applications
  • Basic CRM: Read and Write Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Leads
  • Reporting, personal dashboards, and visualizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic User CAL: estimated pricing € 465,00
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic Device CAL: estimated pricing € 320,00

  1. Professional (Recommended) Full sales, service, marketing, and custom applications
  • Sales automation
  • Customer service automation
  • Marketing campaigns and lists
  • Manage System dashboards, charts, workflows & dialogs
  • Customize and administer Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional User CAL: estimated pricing € 1.337,00
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Device CAL: estimated pricing € 1.070,00

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013

You need a Server License for each running phisical or virtual instance of the software! (even for non-productive – development servers)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013: estimated pricing € 6.690,00

  1. Access by External Users

Access by external (third party) users is included with the Server License; you do not need CALs unless using Microsoft Dynamics CRM client applications. External users are users that are not either your or your affiliates’ employees, or your or your affiliates’ onsite contractors or onsite agents.

  1. Administrative Users

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 allows for up to two seperate devices or users to access instances of the server software only to administer those instances, which do not consume CALs.

  1. Workgroup Edition

There is only a estimated USD price. Expect the final price in euro to be higher than this:  estimated pricing $ 2.462,00

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